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Security Services

Maintain Vigilance Today to Ensure a Secure Tomorrow

Proactive Steps for Effective Risk Management and Peace of Mind emphasizes the importance of taking action to manage risks and ensure a sense of security.

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"Embrace modern equipment for efficiency, productivity, and a future driven by progress and innovation."

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About Us

Your Trusted Partner in Security Solutions

Alliance has launched its services in Bangladesh with an endeavor to ensure integrated security, technology based cash management services, facility management service including caregiver and care assistant at home and/or at health care center and electronic Security services through the country. We are great pleasure introducing our company to your end providing highly global standard security and risk management services in Bangladesh.

Our Service

Protection is Our Business


Caregiver Services

A caregiver is often defined as a family member, community member, friend or a paid professional who regularly takes care of a child, elderly person, or person with disability. Their goal is to improve the quality of life for family caregiver through support, information and education.


Cash Solutions Services

Alliance Cash Solutions Services offers complete end-to-end cash management solutions to banks, financial institutions, major retailers as well as corporate clients.We are ready to provide a fully integrated approach and our strategy is entirely customer focused. We work continuously to deliver best services practices which are crucial to the success of our clients’ business needs.


Manned Security Services

The Alliance manned security services are specialized in providing adaptive collaborative and highly-responsive Manned Security Guarding services to our clients to ensure clients’ project is protected from unauthorized access, damage and disorder at all times. It is a critical component of a projects security plan.
Other Service

Redefining Security Needs

Manned Security Services

Take control of your assets and ensure their safety with our Manned Security Services.

Cash Solutions Services

Secure your finance with our professional Cash Solutions services. Ensure safe and timely transport of your valuable assets - trust our transport security services.

Facility Management Services

Protect what matters most - hire private security and care today.

Electronic Security System

Don't wait until it's too late - secure your property with an Electronic Security System now. Keep an eye on your property 24/7 with our reliable CCTV systems.

Smart Safe Solutions Services

Secure your ATM Vault and Cash Safe with high-secure, keyless control solutions generated by One Time Codes.

Consultancy & Training Services

We have the necessary experience to give you the best advice possible and the knowledge to consult and recommend an unequalled security solution for your unique needs.

Postal & Logistics Services

Why Choose us

Why Our Security Service Company is the Right Choice for You

 We are committed to providing exceptional security services to our clients. Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

Experience: We have a team of experienced security professionals who are knowledgeable in various security strategies and tactics.

 Highly Trained Security Personnel: Our security personnel undergoes rigorous training programs to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to handle any security situation.

 24/7 Monitoring: We have a dedicated team that provides around-the-clock monitoring of our clients’ properties to ensure prompt response to any security threat.

  Excellent Customer Service:  We understand the importance of communication and are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Challenging Services with Excellence

How We Work

At our Security Service company, we understand that every client’s security needs are unique. That’s why we work closely with our clients to provide customized security solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

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